AFM BioMed Conference

Regular Registration fees (Option 2 on Registration page)  do not include accommodation.


However, we have negotiated very good rates within 3  hotels located in the vicinity of the conference location. 

Only one, Parkyard Hotel, offers on line Special booking for AFM BioMed attendees.

Detailed information for booking as attendee to 5th AFMBioMed Conference (Shanghai Synchrotron Radiation Facility) will be posted here ASAP.


-A- (on the map below) Parkyard Hotel

distance to the conference center: 1.5 km (Free shuttel bus) 

Single room price: from 690,9 RMB per night (about 88€ or US $111 September 2012)


Here is the linker of the Parkyard hotel booking system.


-B- (on the map below) Pudong International  Talent City Hotel (Ceisip) 

distance to the conference center: < 500 m

Single room price: from 440 RMB per night (about 50€ or US $63 September 2012)

Because the Chinese name of Ceisip hotel is now changed into Pudong International  Talent City Hotel, and its website is underconstructed, if someone wants to book the hotel, please contact us using conference email:  or tell Ms Huang by


 -C- (on the map below) Shanghai Zhangjiang Property Hotel        上海张江置业宾馆

10-minutes walking to the conference center

Single/double room price: from 220 RMB per night + 10 RMB Breakfast (about 25€ or US $31 September 2012)


HOTELS LOCATION:  Pudong International  Talent City Hotel (Ceisip)      Parkyard Hotel   Shanghai Zhangjiang Property Hotel