AFM BioMed Conference

Bruker Workshop and Training Day at AFM BioMed Conference,

Monday 2th September 2019, Münster, Germany

Register HERE (only for Bruker's workshop, you will need to register for the conference separately).


Bruker Nano Surfaces cordially invites all delegates participating in the AFM BioMed 2019 Conference to attend our free, hands-on, BioAFM Workshop and Training Day on Monday 2nd September 2019.

We will present the latest advances in Atomic Force Microscopy for the Life Sciences. Gain hands-on experience in the most recent innovations in high-speed, high-resolution imaging, mechanobiology and molecular/cellular dynamics. Learn tips and tricks on how to get the best results from your system and samples. Discuss your own research challenges with AFM applications experts and research peers working in similar fields.

 The workshop includes keynote presentations on:

  • High-speed, high-resolution imaging of biological samples
  • Applications of hollow probes in biophysics and life sciences using Cytosurge’s FluidFM, and
  • Practical workshops:
    • JPK BioAFM NanoWizard® ULTRA Speed 2
    • CellHesion® 200 with the new HybridStage
    • NanoTracker™ 2 Optical Tweezers platform remotely

We will demonstrate:

  • Cell imaging: Observe dynamics in real-time at highest resolution
  • Investigating challenging biological samples
  • How to enhance productivity with automated mapping
  • Customization: Adapt your system to suit the users’ level of experience, perfect for multi-user environments.



Agenda Workshop

13:00 Registration
13:30 Welcome
  Carmen Pettersson, JPK BioAFM, Bruker Nano GmbH
13:40 Investigating Dynamic Biological Processes with High-Speed, High-Resolution Correlative AFM-Microscopy:
Introducing the JPK BioAFM NanoWizard ULTRA Speed 2
  Heiko Haschke, Head of Applications, Bruker Nano GmbH
14:10 Going beyond AFM imaging with FluidFM. Applications of hollow probes in biophysics and life sciences.
  Guest Speaker Pablo Dörig, VP AFM SOLUTIONS, Cytosurge AG
14:40 Coffee Break

1. New NanoWizard® ULTRA Speed 2:  High-speed imaging of individual molecules in fluid environment; Integration of high-speed atomic force microscopy into optical microscopy techniques.

2. CellHesion® 200 & HybridStage: Automated mapping of biomechanical properties over a large area from micrometers to millimeters and with picoNewton force resolution will be performed with a high z-range of 100 micrometers. Fixed tissue samples and/or hydrogels as examples of highly corrugated surfaces will be investigated. We will also use the FluidFM technology to attach a microsphere to the AFM cantilever reversibly to get a colloidal probe, and to perform mechanical mapping on soft samples.

3. NanoTracker™ 2 remote session: We will demonstrate low force sensing with optical tweezers, nanomechanics on cells and 3D manipulation of multiple fluorescent nanoparticles

16:15 Break and group switch
16.30 PRACTICAL SESSION B: Switch to your second choice
17.30 Optional additional discussion/demonstrations