AFM BioMed Conference

The Journal of Molecular Recognition publishes original research papers and reviews describing molecular recognition phenomena in biology. The journal focuses on studies that aim to achieve a complete description of recognition sites in terms of the structure, dynamics and activity of biomolecules. This journal published online via Wiley InterScience.

The Journal of Molecular Recognition has broadened the scientific scope of the journal and now includes AFM applications in the biological sciences. This was initiated with the Special Issues presenting peer-reviewed papers selected from presentations made at the AFM BioMed 2007 BarcelonaAFM BioMed 2008  MontereyAFM BioMed Red Island 2010AFM BioMed Paris 2011, AFM BioMed Shanghai 2013 and AFM BioMed San Diego 2014 conferences. This opportunity will be again offered for the next AFM BioMed Conference.


  •  Cell imaging
  •  Cell mechanics
  •  Cell adhesion
  •  Dynamic Force Spectroscopy
  •  Folding-Unfolding
  •  Protein-ligand
  •  DNA
  •  Single molecules
  •  Molecular recognition
  •  High resolution imaging
  •  High speed imaging
  •  Membrane imaging
  •  Protein-membrane interactions