AFM BioMed Conference

Ten years after its last event, the Historical location of Marcoule welcomes the 14th AFMBioMed Summer School

21-26 August 2023


Bagnols sur Cèze

The school will offer an introduction to Atomic Force Microscopy in Life Sciences and Medicine for PhD students, post-docs, young scientists and core facility technicians/engineers.

Lectures will be complemented by hands-on tutorials to facilitate communication between experienced and novice AFM users.

AFM beginners are welcome!


Local Organizers (and for more information): Michael Odorico (ICSM, Marcoule) and Jean-Luc Pellequer (IBS, Grenoble)


Venue: Institut de Chimie Séparative de Marcoule

Local buses (line 122) make the connection between the train station: Avignon-TGV and Paniscoule (200 m from the housing)



Housing: Le chateau Val de Cèze

On Monday 21st, go directly to the housing place.


Weather forecast: Hot during the day (> 30°C), cooler in evening (< 20°C).

As all forecasts, predicting the future is uncertain!




  • Veronika Cencen - EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland
  • Georg Fantner - EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland

"High-speed AFM"

  • Mickael Febvre - Bruker, France

"How about AFM probes"

  • Nuria Gavara, Univ. Barcelona, Spain

"A bag of tricks for AFM in cell mechanics"

  • Marina Giannotti - IBEC, Barcelona, Spain

"Structure and nanomechanics of lipid membranes"

  • Sebastien Janel - CNRS- Institut Pasteur Lille, France

"Correlative AFM microscopies for biomechanics"

  • Michael Odorico - ICSM, Marcoule
  • Jean-Luc Pellequer - IBS, Grenoble

"Introduction to atomic force microscopy: Imaging, Force & Mechanics"

  • Alice Pyne - University of Sheffield, UK

"AFM imaging of biomolecules in solution"

  • Felix Rico- INSERM Aix-Marseille Université, Marseille

"Single molecule force spectroscopy. Theory and experiments"

  • Jean-Marie Teulon - IBS, Grenoble
  • Claire Valotteau - CNRS, Marseille

"Adhesion measurements by AFM, from the molecular to the cellular scale"