AFM BioMed Conference


20-22 July 2020

The AFM BioMed Summer School will be online this year.

The school will offer an introduction to Atomic Force Microscopy in Life Sciences and Medicine for PhD students, post-docs, young scientists and core facility technicians/engineers.

Lectures will be complemented by hands-on video tutorials.

Round tables will be organized to facilitate communication between experienced and novice AFM users.

AFM beginners are welcome.


Registration info:

Registration is over. We will send you the link for the online event.



  • Kerstin Blank - Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces, Potsdam, Germany

Never Stop Tugging at Me: a practical guide to probing molecular interactions with single molecule force spectroscopy

  • Sonia Contera - University of Oxford, UK

Introduction to scanning probe microscopy in biology

  • Alessandro Podestà - University of Milano, Italy

Measuring mechanical properties of cells and tissues by atomic force microscopy

  • Alice Pyne - The University of Sheffield, UK

AFM imaging of biomolecules

  • Lorena Redondo-Morata - INSERM, Institut Pasteur Lille, France

High-Speed Atomic Force Microscopy: A tool for studying dynamic membrane remodeling processes

  • Nuno Correia Santos - Institute of Molecular Medicine, University of Lisbon, Portugal

             Cardiovascular risk assessment by AFM-based force spectroscopy


  • Nicolas Buzhinsky
  • Ignacio Casuso
  • Leda Lacaria
  • Pierre-Henri Puech
  • Felix Rico
  • Fidan Sümbül
  • Claire Valotteau


Preliminary Program (local time Paris):



Practical Training (online tutorials):

1.Sample preparation: Mica (Monday)
2.Sample preparation: Lipids (Monday)
3.High speed AFM Imaging (Monday)
4.Probe selection (Tuesday) with Alexander Dulebo (Bruker)
5.Calibration AFM (Tuesday)
6.Force measurements on cells (Tuesday)
7.Tip coating/preparation (Wednesday)
8.Single molecule force spectroscopy (Wednesday)
9.Whole/single cell force spectroscopy (Wednesday)



Local Organizers:

  • Felix Rico
  • Ignacio Casuso
  • Nicolas Buzhinsky
  • Claire Valotteau
  • Pierre-Henri Puech


Online platform:

You can watch recorded tutorials on the AFMBioMed community on Zenodo


Practical Training (online tutorials):

AFM surface coating (Fidan, Valotteau, Rico)

High speed AFM Imaging (Casuso)

Mica sample substrate preparation for AFM (Buzhinski)

Cell mechanics measurements in force mapping (Lacaria, Rico)

AFM calibration (Rico, Rodriguez-Ramos)



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