AFM BioMed Conference


20-24 July 2020

The AFM BioMed Summer School offers an introduction to Atomic Force Microscopy in Life Sciences and Medicine for PhD students, post-docs, young scientists and core facility technicians/engineers. Lectures in the morning are complemented by hands-on experiments in the afternoon.

There are about 25 places for students doing hands-on experiments. Participants are encouraged to send a CV and a motivation letter. AFM beginners are welcome.


Registration info:


The registration has been canceled due to the public health emergency state!


The school might be substituted by an online event. Stay tuned!



Preliminary Program:

Coming soon!


Lecturers/Trainers: - to be completed!

  • Alice Pyne - The University of Sheffield
  • Kerstin Blank - Max Planck Institute


  • Nicolas Buzhinsky
  • Ignacio Casuso
  • Felix Rico
  • Fidan Sümbül
  • Claire Valotteau


Practical Training: - to be confirmed!

Session: Single molecule force spectroscopy (SMFS)

- JPK or/and HS-AFM

- Titin unfolding using ultrastable complexes


Session: Biomaging

- bacteriorhodopsin and lipid membranes (Nanoscope)

- lysenin or other “dynamic protein” (HS-AFM and Cypher)


Session: Cell Mechanics

- cell elasticity mapping (Bruker Resolve)

- cell adhesion (JPK)


Short tutorials
- Both cell mechanics and SMFS topics will include a short tutorial on sensitivity and spring constant calibration.

- SMFS session will also include a short tutorial on tip coating.

- The last lecture (Friday) will include two tutorials on data and image processing.



Local Organizers:

  • Felix Rico
  • Ignacio Casuso
  • Lorena Redondo-Morata
  • Nicolas Buzhinsky
  • Claire Valotteau
  • Sophie Gall



    Meeting site: Luminy Campus, Marseille 13009 -  Campus Plan (jpg)

   Public transport: Bus connection between the Airport and the St Charles Train Station. At the train station take the Metro line 2, stop at
                             "Rond Point du Prado". Then take the bus B1 till "Luminy Faculté".
                              Marseille public transport: 


    Accommodation: Cité Universitaire/Studinettes, Bât. B - Jul.20 - Jul.24; 5 nights with breakfast covered by the inscription fees.

    Alimentation: Two meals per day (lunch and dinner).


Sponsors: to be updated!