AFM BioMed Conference


At the conference venue, “Okazaki Conference Center,” you will be required to do the following things:


1. Mask Wearing!

Inside the building of the conference venue, you will be asked to wear a mask. And please talk modestly.

2. Body Temperature Check!

We will place a thermometer at the entrance of the session rooms, so please check your body temperature before you go in. You will only have to put your face close to the camera, and it will tell you your body temperature.

In case you have the temperature of 37.5 degrees Celsius or higher, we will have to ask you not to enter the conference room, because we are strongly instructed by the government of Japan or Aichi Prefecture. In that case, we will contact the health center and consult them for advice what to do next. You may have to go back to your hotel.

3. Use the hand sanitizer!

Alcohol hand sanitizer will be available at the entrance to the conference room. Please use it as often as possible, especially before you eat or drink something!

4. Notes on seating position!

Please make a note of your seating position (numbered) in the conference room for follow-up in the event of an infected person during or immediately after the meeting. We will notify you by e-mail in the event of an infected person.

5. Need PCR Test before Leaving Japan?

In case the government of your country (or the country/region you are going back to) requires you to take a PCR test before you leave Japan, you can take a test around Nagoya Station. The following two may be your options:


If the Japanese government or Aichi Prefecture issues event restrictions due to a rapid increase in the number of infected people, events involving food and beverages, such as banquet, may be cancelled. Furthermore, the conference itself may have to be cancelled or held online at a later date.