AFM BioMed Conference


Session I:  New AFM-Based Instrumentation for Biology and Medicine
Session chair: Dan Fletcher, University of California, Berkeley, USA

Topics: Novel force microscopy techniques, AFM-optical microscopy combinations, advanced probes 

Session II:  Biomolecular Force Spectroscopy
Session chair: Chris Yip, University of Toronto, Canada 

Topics: Single molecule force spectroscopy, mechanical unfolding, Simulations and analysis of single molecule unfolding and refolding, Measurement of protein-protein and protein-surface interactions, Adhesion, Ligand-receptor binding forces

Session III:  AFM of Biomaterial Surfaces
Session chair: Greg Haugstad, University of Minnesota, USA

Topics: Imaging biomedical material surfaces and coatings (morphology, nanomechanical properties, surface chemistry, polymer-drug mixtures); adsorption/modification; interface of synthetic materials and biological tissue

Session IV:  AFM of Cells
Session chair: Michel Grandbois, Universit
é de Sherbrooke, Canada

Topics: Live-cell force spectroscopy and cell adhesion, cell imaging, cell mechanics and mechanical activity, cell manipulation

Session V:  Biomolecular Imaging

Session chair: Simon Scheuring, Institut Curie, France

Topics:  High-resolution imaging, Single molecule analysis of DNA and protein complexes, Nano-imaging in medicine