AFM BioMed Conference

Organizing Committee

Sanjay Kumar
University of California, Berkeley, USA

Jean-Luc Pellequer
CEA/DSV, Marcoule, France

Pierre Parot
CEA/DSV, Marcoule, France

CEA is a French government-funded technological research organization. A prominent player in the European Research Area, it is involved in setting up collaborative projects with many partners around the world.

QB3, the California Institute for Quantitative Biosciences, is a cooperative effort among three campuses of the University of California and private industry that harnesses the quantitative sciences to integrate our understanding of biological systems at all levels of complexity. The Institute involves more than 180 scientists housed in new facilities at UC San Francisco, UC Berkeley, and UC Santa Cruz. In addition to the creation of fundamental new knowledge and potent new technologies, a major goal of the Institute is to train a new generation of students able to fully integrate the quantitative sciences with biomedical research.