AFM BioMed Conference


4th International Meeting on AFM in Life Sciences and Medicine 

23-27 August, 2011, PARIS, FRANCE

The Conference was hosted by Institut Curie, Aviesan and CEA and has been held at Institut Curie. Chair: Dr Simon Scheuring


Attendees during the lunch break!



AFMBioMed Conference PARIS 2011: A special issue of the Journal of Molecular Recognition is released. 


MC Meeting COST Action TD1002

European network on applications of Atomic Force Microscopy to
NanoMedicine and Life Sciences: AFM4NANOMED&BIO

In the run to the Meeting, AFM BioMed Conference will  welcome the MC meeting of COST ActionTD1002 on August 23.

During the afternoon, access to the scientific session will be open to everyone interested in AFM for Life sciences and Medicine. 



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