AFM BioMed Conference

The current program includes the following confirmed speakers:


  • Fantner, Georg (EPFL – Lausanne) - Introduction to atomic force microscopy: methods and instruments


  • Fevre, Mickael (Bruker - Massy-Palaiseau) - How about AFM probes?


  • Hoogenboom, Bart (London Centre for Nanotechnology) - From AFM force control to nanomechanics of biomolecular complexes


  • Lafont, Frank (IPL – Lille) - Cell biomechanics studied using correlative approaches


  • Milhiet, Pierre-Emmanuel (CNRS – Montpellier) - AFM imaging of artificial membranes


  • Pellequer, Jean-Luc (CEA/IBS - Grenoble) - Atomic Force Microscopy and Structural Biology (imaging at the single molecule level)


  • Rico, Felix (INSERM - Univ. Marseille) - Single molecule mechanics probed by AFM or by force spectroscopy


  • Scheuring, Simon (INSERM – Marseille) - From images to movies: The development and application of high-speed atomic force microscopy


  • Schillers, Hermann (Univ. Muenster) - Biomechanics of live cells - Data acquisition and processing


The schedule can be find here


Confirmed scientists for practical training:


  • Godon, Christian (CEA/iBEB - Cadarache) Practical training on plant root mechanics


  • Janel, Sébastien (IPL – Lille) Practical training on cell mechanics


  • Odorico, Michael (CEA/ICSM – Marcoule) Practical training on imaging


  • Teulon, Jean-Marie (CEA/IBS - Grenoble) Practical training on plant root mechanics