AFM BioMed Conference

Program synopsis


  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Class #1 Arrival L. Redondo D. Navajas F. Lafont M. Radmacher Departure
Class #2 Arrival J.L. Pellequer A. Millet M. Lekka F. Rico  
Lunch Arrival/H4 Salle d'hôte Salle d'hôte Salle d'hôte Salle d'hôte  
Training A. Podesta T1-T9 T1-T9 T1-T9 T1-T9  
Dinner H4 H4 H4 O2 BBQ  


A. Podesta         Introduction to AFM

L. Redondo        Imaging membrane at high speed

J.L. Pellequer     AFM imaging in integrated structural biology

D. Navajas         Micromechanics of the cell niche

A. Millet              Biology at the tissue level: challenges and opportunities

F. Lafont             Correlative microscopy

M. Lekka            Nanomechanics characterization of cells and tissues

M. Radmacher   Cell mechanics

F. Rico                Single molecule force spectroscopy


List of practical training:

T1: Nanomechanics on cells / SNAP procedure (Bruker Resolve)

T2: Nanomechanics on cells (JPK Nanowizard)

T3: Cell imaging - effect of toxins on cells (Bruker Resolve or JPK Nanowizard)

T4: Titin unfolding (Bruker Multimode)

T5: Biological membrane imaging (Bruker Multimode)

T6: Virus imaging on a series of modified surfaces (Bruker Multimode)

T7: Plant root nanomechanics (Bruker Dimension 3100)

T8: Image processing and analysis with Gwyddion and ImageJ

T9: Force curve data processing

A registration list will be available on Monday afternoon.