AFM BioMed Conference

Speakers (tentative list)

Salvatore Cannistraro (Viterbo, Italy): Scanning probe microscopie in biosensing

Frank Lafont (Lille, France): Cell elasticity

Pierre-Emmanuel Milhiet (Montpellier, France): Reconstituted Systems

Jean-Luc Pellequer (Marcoule, France): DFS, Dynamic Force Spectroscopy

Alessandro Podesta  (Milano, Italy) Atomic Force Microscopy as a quantitative tool for sizing and measuring nanoscale biological entities and interactions

Felix Rico (Paris, France): Force measurements on single molecules

Simon Scheuring (Paris, France): Structure and Assembly of membrane proteins in native membrane by AFM


Selma Dahmane (Marcoule, France)

Yannick Delcuze (Marcoule, France)

Sébastien Janel (Lille, France)

Michael Odorico (Marcoule, France)

Jean-Marie Teulon (Marcoule, France)

Minh-Hieu TRINH (Avignon, France)


 Hope to see you in Marcoule!